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Plumbing Centerville

When tackling a plumbing project, the selection process for the appropriate piping to be utilized can be overwhelming, most notably when there are various options to choose from. We've answered some questions below about the most popular types of plumbing piping available and their application to aid your easy decision making.

What Types of Pipes Can Be Used for Underground Water Supply Lines?

Accidental shovel blows or exposure to moisture can damage underground water pipe, so pipes buried beneath should be made of a material that is resistant to both punctures and deterioration, also durable. Different types of pipes are used by plumbers to construct an underground supply and water lines, which includes metal and plastic pipes. It's quite a good idea to consult professionals before the installation of an underground water supply line because there are critical conditions that often affect pipes' performance.

PEX Tubing

PEX, also known as Cross-linked polyethylene, is a plastic water supply line suitable for both above ground and buried applications. It has a thick feature like a sturdy hose; a very flexible tubing material which can be stretched around turns and bends without pipe fittings. PEX is durable enough to withstand high pressure, chemical damage, and high temperature. In situations of extension, PEX connects each other via threaded, compression fittings. PEX are mostly used for portable underground water applications, buried within concrete slabs for radiant flooring.

PVC Pipes

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes are used in a perfect setting to deliver water both below and above ground. Although PVC exists in two major types, which are thin-walled schedule 40 PVC and thick-walled schedule 80 PVC – the only difference between them is the wall pipe thickness. A gluing process known as solvent welding is used in connecting PVC pipes and sometimes, threaded. However, not all cities accept PVC for portable residential water supply; it's restricted to water irrigation delivery system in most cities.

CPVC Pipes

It serves the same function just like PVC, capable of delivering water both above and below grade. The chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is a plastic pipe which is durable enough to withstand higher pressures and temperatures than the standard PVC. This feature prompted the CPVC rated suitable by manufacturers for both cold and hot water system usage. Just like PVC, its approval for portable water supply varies as well. While some of its above-ground applications include usage in manufactured homes and recreational vehicles.

How Long Do PEX Pipes Last?

PEX pipes tend to be the most suitable and advanced piping material of this century. It's resistant to corrosion and doesn't wear quickly. The content is built in a criss-cross pattern, which reinforces and protects the pipe, making it extremely durable. PEX piping has proven itself to be more durable than copper piping and having vast areas of application such as radiant heating systems for industrial and residential plumbing.

At least, the durability of PEX pipes gives it an average of 40 years life span, and for this reason, it's rapidly replacing copper plumbing. Some of its great features is that it is light weighted and can withstand a fierce temperature of about 200 degrees F.

Moreover, PEX material possesses more feasible quality than other plumbing materials. Highly flexible to work with as it can be easily bent and turn around corners and edges, and can get easily installed through the flooring. Many professionals love to work with PEX because of their distinct qualities. Also, PEX is far cheaper than other plumbing products, and besides being cheap, it's durable and doesn't quickly obtain leaks or holes.

As you can see, choosing the right piping material is not always an easy task. For Centerville residents and its environs, our experienced professionals are ready to assist with any form of your plumbing activities in Centerville; whether your heart-aching questions or your plumbing jobs, bring them on!

Plumbing Centerville
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Plumbing Centerville

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